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Atlantic Locksmith Store is second to none in crafting the transponder keys right from the scratch. In case of stolen keys, our team goes ahead and reprograms them to ensure flawless working of the new key, and eliminate the possibility of the old key being used. With years of experience and profound skill sets backing our team of locksmith professionals, we are always ready, round the clock, at your disposal. Not only we are on time but charge only a nominal amount for our services in Concord, MA.

The ultimate guard against car theft:

During the 80s and 70s, car lifting was a common occurrence as the instances were dime a dozen, creating headache for the law enforcing agencies. Real breakthrough occurred in 21st century with the arrival of the Transponder Keys.  Running on a combination of software and hardware, they are extremely impregnable to break in and provide 360 degree protection to your vehicle. As a result, the possibility of starting the car through hotwiring has been eliminated with the new version of keys ruling the roost in the security market.

Atlantic Locksmith Store Concord, MA 978-252-0474How does it work?

Transponder Keys are equipped with a micro chip controller embedded inside the body with a unique serial code. All it does is to transmit the electronic signal for authentication to the car when the ignition switch is fired up. In case of another key is used, the validation process fails and the car remains inoperable. More sophisticated versions of the Transponder Keys are already available for installation in cars which use encrypted rolling codes that keep changing after every use.

Why you need an expert auto locksmith?

Even Transponder Keys can be lost or malfunction without any forewarning. In order to fix the issue up, you need an excellent mechanical and electronic technician. For creating new keys, razor sharp precision is required in the cutting process while the locksmith professional should similarly program the internal circuitry for correct validation. For all the above mentioned work, a knowledgeable expert with state of the art equipment is required. And that’s what you’ll get with Atlantic Locksmith Store.

Get transponder key made in 30 minutes:

Speed and quality are key features of services separating us from the rest of the competition. If you are facing an issue with your Transponder Keys, do not despair but give us a call at 978-252-0474 to avail help. We have an extremely courteous staff that has immense knowledge and experience to handle the development of transponder key systems. If you want to really feel the difference, contact us today and our team would be more than glad to assist you in Concord, MA area.