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Rekeying is a process, where our locksmith replaces the internal components of a lock. As pins and tumblers of the key would be upgraded and re-aligned to the new key, you don’t have to opt in for a complete lock replacement. This process ensures that your old key does not work on the lock anymore. Rekeying is one of the most sought-after services in the locality of Concord, MA and Atlantic Locksmith Store provides quality-oriented rekeying services to its customers.

Advantages of rekeying your locks:

The process provides complete control in terms of lock system management, as our rekeying process is efficient and security oriented. Some of the obvious advantages of rekeying process include:

  • Atlantic Locksmith Store Concord, MA 978-252-0474Former tenants access would be restricted completely
  • Rekeying helps with better security
  • Better control over access to your premises
  • Old keys become useless
  • Cost-effective compared to a lock replacement

Should you replace or rekey locks?

Rekeying locks is very much essential in case of tenants change - there are chances that former tenants would have got a duplicate of keys or might not have returned the original set of keys. It is always recommended to rekey your lock systems on a regular basis. Lock rekeying is quite economical compared to a replacement of the whole locking system and this gives the same amount of security as a new lock installation. Atlantic Locksmith Store has been providing quality-oriented services by rekeying the locks on a regular basis, as this ensure security and enhanced key control.

Why you need professional help?

Moving to a new location could be quite challenging, as we would not be aware of the locking systems and the security associated with it. Rekeying the locks is not an easy task, as the entire system would be sensitive and delicate.  It is not advised to refer a DIY tutorial and perform the task yourself, since there are plenty of chances that the process could be unsuccessful. Atlantic Locksmith Store has a team of people, who are well trained and experienced to take care of different locking systems in Concord, MA. They carry out a rekey process in a seamless manner and ensure that the new keys fit properly in the lock.

Call Atlantic Locksmith Store for rekey service at an affordable cost, since our team has a plenty of experience in handling all kinds of lock and locksmith issues in Concord, MA!